Mass Intentions

Mass intentions for 2021 are now available. Please contact the Parish Office (via walk-in, phone or email) to request Mass intentions.

*Note - if you wish to pay via our Online Giving portal, you must contact the Parish Office first to arrange for the Masses first before paying.

Honor a Family Member or Friend

Mass Intention $10
To request a Mass intention, check the calendar below to see if your date is available, and contact the Parish Office to make your request. To ensure that Masses are available for intentions throughout the year, we limit six Masses per visit, and a maximum of three Sunday or Holy Day Masses. For more information regarding Mass intentions, please read the full regulations below.

Altar Flowers $35
To request an altar flowers intention, check the calendar below to see if your week is available, and contact the Parish Office to make your request. There is a limit of two altar flowers per week.

Other Opportunities

  • Flames of Faith Intentions for the Adoration Chapel
  • Congregation of the Resurrection Mass Intention Cards (available in the Parish Office)

Please Note: Daily Masses are subject to change if a priest is not available. In the event a Mass in converted to a Communion Service, the presiding deacon will pray for the intention(s) assigned to the day. Intentions will not be moved to another day.

Holy Trinity Mass Intention Regulations

The Mass Intention Book for the upcoming year will open in July. To ensure that Masses are available for intentions at Holy Trinity throughout the year, we will strictly enforce a limit of six Masses per visit and the six may only include up to three Sunday or Holy Day Masses. We are blessed to have many parishioners and non-parishioners who take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to have a Mass said for a loved one or for a special intention. However, we also would like to ensure that all individuals have an opportunity to have a Mass said in the relatively near future as life events occur.

Note: If you request Mass Intention(s) by means which do not allow you to provide a donation at the time of the request (e.g. via phone, email, etc.), we will reserve the Mass Intention(s) for up to one week within which time payment must be received to secure the intention. To offer donations for Mass Intentions, payment may be sent in the mail (check or cash), paid for online at the Online Giving page on our website, through the Sunday Collection envelopes (which should be clearly marked with the date of the Mass Intention) or in-person within one week.

Bishop Conlon's Decree regarding Collective Mass Intentions (January 2017)

For the good of the faithful and for the proper administration of Mass offerings within the Diocese of Joliet, and after lengthy consultation with the Presbyteral Council, I hereby decree the following:

Twice within each week, each parish or mission is permitted to combine the intentions of more than one person at a particular Mass. All persons whose intentions are combined must agree to the combining in advance.

The parish or mission may place in its "Mass Offering" account only ten dollars ($10.00) for each of these Masses. Any additional offerings must be either a) deposited in the parish cemetery account, if the parish has a cemetery whose long term care is underfunded. or b) transmitted to the diocesan Finance Office for the maintenance of diocesan cemeteries.

This Decree regarding collective Mass intentions is granted in accord with the Decree of the Congregation of the Clergy promulgated on March 22, 1991. The ten dollar ($10.00) limit is in accord with Canon 951, which allows a priest to keep only one Mass offering per day.

Pastors and those who assist them with the temporal administration of parishes are reminded that "offerings given by the faithful for a certain purpose can be applied only for that same purpose". (Canon 1267§3) Also, parishes may not accept intentions which cannot be satisfied within a year. (Canon 953)

This Decree will take effect on March 5, 2017.

Mass Times

Weekend Masses
Sat: 4:00pm
Sun: 7:00am, 9:00am, 11:00am

Daily Mass - Mon-Sat: 8:00am
*Daily Friday Mass during School Year - 8:15am

Confession - Sat: 2:45 - 3:45pm

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