The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization that leads men and women to join to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to the needy. We aid those in our community who are in need of emergency assistance in meeting their daily food, clothing and shelter needs.

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Testimonies from SVDP Members

My name is Jeanne Pantke, and I am a Vincentian.  I joined the St. Vincent DePaul Society in 1996.  I think of myself as the “volunteer coordinator” because I help organize clothing drives, toiletry drives, fellowships, luncheons, service projects, whatever is needed.  While I truly enjoy doing these things, talking to and visiting people (we go in pairs) who call in to our help line is closest to my heart.

Before we talk to someone, we say a prayer to the Holy Spirit, asking for guidance and understanding.  The prayer goes,

O God, someone in this house needs us.  We don’t know how we will be received, but we go as Your ambassador, however unworthy and weak we are ourselves.

Give us the power to help in the best way possible, offering what is needed, giving the proper advice, saying the right thing.  We are Your servants and the servant of anyone who needs us.

We are weak; you can make us strong.
We are tongue-tied; you can supply our words.
We lack courage; you can give us the answer.
We are useless; you can make us useful.

Above all, make us recognize You in these people and seeing You, let us love them as we love you.

This prayer puts us in the proper perspective. You might find it helpful, too!

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A message from a Member of Holy Trinity’s SVDP: Jerry Doyle

The Father gave us 10 Commandments and Jesus added an 11th: Love your neighbor! Cardinal George used to say that the poor need us but that we need the poor more. Through them we are able to obey Jesus and love Him. Through the St. Vincent DePaul Society, it is easy to find the poor- they come to us. What easier way is there to love Jesus- through them? You are most welcome to come and join us - we need you too!

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