Parish Center Capital Campaign

Parish Center Capital Committee

One of Holy Trinity’s top priorities is to construct a Parish Center. Holy Trinity’s Parish Center, once built, will offer Holy Trinity the ability to come together as a community for a wide variety of celebrations, achievements, and other events. The Parish Center will be the social center of the parish and will expand our parish life to include many new program offerings.

The mission of the Parish Center Capital Committee is to help this goal come to fruition. The committee, which reports directly to Father Rafal, will oversee the design, marketing, fundraising, approvals, and construction of the Parish Center for Holy Trinity.

President: Steve Riedl 312-209-9332

Vice President: Bill Schultheis

Secretary: Joanne Gregoire

Campaign Corner - Questions and Answers - May 3rd


You have a great opportunity to get additional information from the members of the Heritage of Faith Committee. They will be in Holy Family Hall after all of the Masses this weekend. Please come down to the hall and see the detailed plans as well as a model of what the building could be. There have been a few mailings to date to inform you of the Parish Center project. Now you can get the details first hand by talking directly with the committee.

We also want to take an opportunity to restate a couple of facts that relate to our fundraising progress so far. It is important to the success of the campaign to hear from everyone by mid-May as to how they will sacrifice for this great parish need. This will enable us to continue to plan for the immediate future. Remember that this is truly a sacrifice, directed only to the Parish Center and is not a simple transfer of funds from any other financial support.

The other important note to be aware of is that all of the funds committed to this project, through a gift made by filling out an intent form, will be refunded in full if the building project does not go forward. By filling out this form, the church will maintain records that will allow us to return the money if the Parish Center does not get built. This ensures you as a donor that the funds will be used for the one identified purpose: “To build a Parish Center”. 

Thank you for your effort to make an informed decision and to support our financial needs for the Parish Center project however your means allow.

Bruce Barker
Chairman, Heritage of Faith Committee

Heritage of Faith Campaign Corner - April 26, 2015

The Heritage of Faith Committee is announcing another chance for you to have input and ask questions about the Parish Center project. Next weekend, May 2nd and 3rd, after all of the Masses, committee members will be in Holy Family Hall to answer questions. Please review the materials in your Campaign folder and take advantage of this opportunity. There will be copies of the schematic design and a 3D-model, which was created a few years ago, to give you a better idea of the size of the Parish Center and its location on our property.

It is important for the success of the campaign that you understand the project and its benefits to our entire parish. After all, this proposed Parish Center belongs to all of us. It is the Parish Center where we will gather to create life long bonds of friendship, as well as become more educated in our Catholic faith.

Bruce Barker
Heritage of Faith Committee

Heritage of Faith Campaign Corner - April 19, 2015

Heritage of Faith CAMPAIGN CORNER

This week in the Campaign Corner the Heritage of Faith Committee is announcing another chance for you to have input and ask questions about the Parish Center project. On the weekend of May 1st and 2nd after all of the Masses, committee members will be in Holy Family Hall to answer questions. Please review the materials in your Campaign folder and take advantage of this opportunity. There will be copies of the schematic design and a 3D-model, which was created a few years ago, to give you a better idea of the size of the Parish Center and its location on our property. 

It is important for the success of the campaign that you understand the project and its benefits to our entire parish. After all, this proposed Parish Center belongs to all of us. It is the Parish Center where we will gather to create life long bonds of friendship, as well as become more educated in our Catholic faith.

Bruce Barker
Heritage of Faith Committee

Heritage of Faith Campaign Corner - March 22, 2015

Over the last several weeks many parishioners have been asking questions about our Parish Center capital fundraising campaign. It is the wish of Father Danek and the Heritage of Faith Committee that you make an informed decision on how you can help with this worthy endeavor. Please review the materials that were distributed to all of the registered families a few weeks ago and then fill out your Letter of Intent. If for some reason you did not receive a packet, additional copies are in the display rack on the west wall in narthex of the church above the hospitality desk and can be found on the parish website. The intent form can be returned to the parish office in the mail or in the Sunday offering basket.

If you have reviewed the information and have additional questions pertaining to the campaign, we would encourage you to call the parish office at 630.968.1366 and ask to speak with someone. You may also email Bruce Barker, chairman of the Heritage of Faith Committee, at who can answer your questions. The members of this committee are very dedicated to our parish and this project and will all welcome your questions. The current members include Joyce Fedeczko, Bill Hannus, Tony Lenard, Larry Miller, Bill Schultheis, Matt Simon, and Adam Smrokowski, with assistance from Joanne Gregoire, George Hofmann, Sue McCowan, and Father Michael and Father Rafal.

Going forward, we will be looking for three or four additional members for the Heritage of Faith Committee. We invite you to nominate someone that may have an interest in serving on this committee. We are looking for active and carrying people that will serve the people of this parish with a mission in doing the very best to get a Parish Center built on our property. They could be candidates that have a general knowledge and interest in construction projects, space planning, and marketing. In the past, the committee has had members working in plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, real-estate and grant  writing. While our membership is not limited to the trades, much of the meeting conversation is related to the types of items identified above. If you fit that description, please consider nominating yourself.

The Heritage of Faith Committee

Heritage of Faith Campaign Corner - March 15, 2015

The immediate plans for the Parish Center project have been identified in conversations or publications. It is clear to most everyone that the building is needed to improve our facilities and aide all of our programs and events. We also have a very good idea of what the parish center layout could look like as well as the rooms needed to benefit its users. The biggest challenge we face as a parish is having people step up and do their part to make this much needed facility a reality. It is this point that we feel needs a greater explanation.

The Heritage of Faith Committee has challenged the parishioners to contribute to the building of a Parish Center. This center belongs to all parishioners as investors in our “Faith.” With your regular financial contributions, which come to the parish in different ways and for all kinds of reasons, the Parish Center will become a reality. The Heritage of Faith Committee is asking that everyone gives as their finances allow. What that means in greater detail is that your sacrifice for this capital campaign is personal and should be between you and GOD, knowing that you have done your very best. It is just that simple.

Some parishioners attend every social event the parish holds, while others choose to deepen their faith by attending educational opportunities offered through different ministries. Whatever your priority, you should feel as though Holy Trinity Catholic Church is there for you. It goes without saying that coming to Mass on a regular basis and receiving the sacraments as our faith requires are most important. For all other needs, the Parish Center is the building where events can and will take place. Holy Trinity is a parish that wants to provide more to each and every parishioner, and with a Parish Center building, we will do exactly that. 

Please make every effort to complete and return your “Letter of Intent” to the parish office by May 15th.

The Heritage of Faith Committee

Heritage of Faith Campaign Corner - March 8, 2015

It has been thirty days since the parish began its Capital Campaign to raise $3.5 million. During the last month we have received letters of intent from many parish families. The timely return of these forms is critical to the success of the project because it will give us a financial picture of how the building will be funded.

As stated in all of the written and verbal communications pertaining to the Parish Center Capital Campaign, it is our belief that “EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING” to help with this effort. Most importantly is the need for everyone to pray for the success of the campaign. Without GOD’S help, we cannot succeed. While the financial sacrifice made by many is what is needed to pay for the project, this can be done in a variety of ways—some of which are listed below:

• Attend fundraising events that support the Parish Center Campaign 

• Gifts or Donations given over a period of time of your choosing

• Estate gifts such as shares of stock or bequest directed to supporting the Campaign

Please contact Father Danek or the Heritage of Faith Committee at 630.968.1366 if you would like any additional information related to the Parish Center before you complete and return your “Intent Form.” It is important to understand the value of the needed facility to our parish ministries and also that all monies collect for this project with a completed intent form, can only be used for the Parish Center. Of course, when you return the intent form, how you are willing to sacrifice is an individual decision based on your ability to do so at this current time.

The Heritage of Faith Committee is only able to do their work with Father’s permission and at the direction and support of the parish. To ensure that the Parish Center planning continues in a timely manner, we are asking everyone to please make a response to the parish by completing the “Letter of Intent” form before May 15th. This timely return will make sure that we are on track with the planning process, and we can move forward with the financial support of the parishioners before economic inflation drives the cost of the Parish Center even higher. Again, we are asking everyone to:

1. Continue to offer prayers for the success of the campaign
2. Respond by filling out and returning your “Intent Form”
3. Make a financial sacrifice to the Parish Center project as your means allow.

As always our success is in the hands of the parishioners as you discern your response of love, for all GOD has done for you.


The Heritage of Faith Committee

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Letter from Parish Center Committee

It is no secret that Holy Trinity parish is in need of a large indoor space where we can hold events to support our existing parish ministries. In the last few years we have held several events including an Oktoberfest, concerts, 75th Jubilee, Parish Picnic and a Saint Patrick's Day celebration. All of these events were limited in their success because of the lack of adequate indoor space or they were affected by the weather. The effort that goes into any major social event of our parish is the same whether we plan for 150 or 500 people however the success is measured in attendance and participation. It is our goal to have these celebrations and programs and allow space for everyone who would like to attend.

If you recall, we were fortunate to secure the facility at the Christian Church of Clarendon Hills to host the very popular Matt Maher concert. By being able to host this event at Holy Trinity, we would have benefited in three obvious ways.

1. More people of the parish would have shared this amazing experience together.

2. There would have been no cost-sharing or rental fee for the venue.

3. Additional funds raised at the event would have been able to support more programs in our parish.

A large multipurpose space where we can gather 600 or more people is needed here at Holy Trinity Parish. While this idea is not new to many in the parish, we need to move forward as a parish family to achieve this goal.

There are several favorable factors that are influencing the decision to ask parishioners if the time is right to move forward on a Parish Center. The economy is improving. Inflation has not yet driven this cost of this project out of our reach. We have completed all necessary debt commitments. We have a need for better parking, and there is an issue of storm water management that constantly looms over our heads.

In the past several months, on behalf of the entire parish, the Heritage of Faith Committee has taken steps with the Diocese to resolve these needs. To that end, we are asking parish members to let us know their thoughts on beginning this capital project. Your input will be needed in the coming weeks to guide us in the direction we should go. Please make an effort to educate yourself on the topic and offer an informed opinion on the subject. There will be many ways available to you to let your voice be heard including meetings, phone calls, and a survey. If at any time during this process you need additional information to make an informed decision, you can reach me directly at 630.310.4394.

Bruce Barker
Chairman, Heritage of Faith Committee 

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