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were the men slept in Baudin.jpgThe dental mission combined with a medical mission from St. Tom's in Indiana. Ther were so many people we ate outside when it wasn't raining.jpgme, deacon at mass in Baudin.jpgIMG_4679.jpgMass with the Missionaries of Charity in Port au Prince.jpgIMG_4664.JPGDowntown Baudin, the town where the dental clinic is..jpg2014-05-25 12.17.41 From left Jonathon Harrison, Fr. Isaac Fr. Camy Me.jpeg

The Haiti Mission Program “twins” Catholic parishes in the United States with other parishes in underdeveloped countries. Twinned parishes support each other spiritually, socially, economically, and culturally. We began this ministry in 2014, when we became a twin parish with Notre Dame de Lourdes in Haiti.

For more information, contact Deacon Patrick Blaney at blaneydds@yahoo.com

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Images from Our Mission

Images of the Beauty of Haiti   Images of the People of Haiti

Our Prayer for the People of Haiti

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, by the will of the Father and the work of the Holy Spirit, your death brought life to the world, so that all who would believe and live in you shall not die, but have eternal life.

We humbly submit ourselves to you, Lord: we are your loyal servants.  We lay down our lives before you now, in total trust and complete surrender, to take up what is lacking in your body here on earth. 

You have granted to us a parish family on the island nation of Haiti, bound to ours here at Holy Trinity in Westmont.  May we respond openly with generous and loving hearts to share in their need; to live in mutual trust and affection; to learn from each other, so as to grow in the wisdom of your true riches and glory; and to become the stewards of your harvest as you intend. 

May what you have started now, grow always and perpetually as a fragrant bouquet, reaching up to heaven to be shared with your angels and saints.  

Let us thank you and praise you, Lord, for this singular grace and blessing of the people of Notre Dame de Lourdes in LaVoute.

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