Week of October 15, 2017

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel Reading
Matthew 22:1-14
Jesus compares the kingdom of heaven to a wedding feast.

Parish News

IMPORTANT: LifeTouch Church Directory

As you know, many of you had your pictures taken for our parish directory which will be published later this year. Your name, address, phone and email will be included in the directory as you requested at the time of your photo session.

In addition to those who had their pictures taken in July and August, the directory will list the names of all active parishioners along with their children’s names, primary phone, primary email, and address. 

If you do not wish to have your name, phone, email or address published, you must contact the parish office at 630-968- 1366, ext. 120 or email the parish office by October 25th.

The directory will be provided at no cost to parishioners who attended a photo session in the summer. It is a great resource for our parishioners and staff.


Our Lady of Fatima 100th Anniversary Events

Friday, October 13
Calling all parishioners!
Come and celebrate the
100th Anniversary of the apparition
of Our Lady of Fatima, October 13,
at 7 PM at Holy Trinity Church.
Do not miss it!

Come join the 2017 Public Square Rosary Crusade.
Our nation is in great need of public prayer, repentance and conversion.
In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Fatima, we ask God to save America
through the Rosary of His Most Holy Mother.
Prayer rallies will take place at over 16,000 locations across America.

Please join us to pray on
Saturday, October 14, 2017
at 12:00 Noon
75th Street & Cass Avenue – N.W. corner
75th Street & Lemont Road / Main Street – S.E. corner
And various locations between – Look for the Rosary banners -
Any questions, contact Jan Bartel 630-244-0583


Q&A: Who is Ignatius of Antioch?

Q: Who is Ignatius of Antioch and what example does he offer us in Christian living as we celebrate his feast day on October 17?

A: As Bishop of Antioch (the modern day city of Antakya, Turkey), Ignatius witnessed to the faith during the reign of Emperor Trajan, who ruled from 98-117. Persecution of the Christians broke out in Antioch, and Ignatius was captured and taken to Rome for martyrdom in the arena.

On his journey to Rome over land and sea, Ignatius writes seven letters to various churches. These letters give powerful glimpses into the theology and practice of the early church, along with insights into the role of a bishop as pastoral leader. Ignatius is the first to use the term "Catholic Church" to refer to the various Christian communities of the Roman Empire. The best known of his letters is the one he wrote to the Romans. Ignatius addresses influential Christians who might be tempted to intercede on his behalf, thus sparing him from martyrdom. As Christ willingly offered himself as witness to God's total love, Ignatius, too, desired to be "food for the wild beasts," so that he could become "the pure bread of Christ." Eucharistic living was so crucial to Ignatius that he was willing to die in order to model himself on the Lord who willingly offered all.


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28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"My friend, how is it that you came in here without a wedding garment?"

Today's Gospel parable is unsettling in several ways. The various images of rejection, mistreatment, and violence paint an unpleasant picture. Guests refuse to come to a feast, servants are killed, troops are dispatched. The King continues to try to fill his dinner hall, and then when someone finally does show up, the King throws him out for wearing the wrong clothes. What is going on here?


The message would have been a poignant one for his Jewish listeners. As the chosen people, they were the first to receive the "invitation" to share in the kingdom of God. But the chief priests and elders were uninterested in accepting Jesus and his authority; thus they didn't show up for the feast. But what about those who did come? Something is expected of them as well. Donning a "wedding garment" is like being properly prepared to enter God's kingdom. Just showing up isn't enough.

Here it's important to pay attention to the details. The King first calls his poorly dressed guest "friend." The approach begins with mercy and kindness. But the man gives no defense for himself, and displays no desire to change. It's as if he doesn't really care to be there at all.

The question this raises for us is whether or not we are "dressed" appropriately. We may hang around the banquet hall--going to church, professing to be Christian--but are we sincere guests of the King of kings? Do we truly accept Christ's teachings and live by them, or are we just showing up? The splendors of the invitation Christ gives us should not be taken for granted. We are called to share in a royal feast. May we all be grateful guests.

In Memory of Me

Throughout our diocese, many have jewelry just sitting in a drawer, perhaps passed on from a family member. Some have unmatched earrings never again to be worn. An engagement band from an engagement called off. A wedding band remains after a divorce that only brings sadness. All of this can be transformed into a beautiful source of hope for our parishes, and a way to offset financial obstacles for those responding to the call to religious life.

Introducing In Memory of Me, the totally cashless precious metals donation drive! Let your old jewelry support religious vocations throughout the Diocese of Joliet. Every third weekend of the month a representative will be in the narthex after Mass passing out mailing kits. Each kit includes a box, a form and a mailing label. Please consider picking up a mailing kit, and taking your donation to your Post Office for shipping. We also ask that your weight-based postage be part of your donation. All funds collected go directly to the Diocese of Joliet Vocations Office, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

So, please stop by the narthex today immediately after Mass for a donation kit — and for more information visit inmemoryofmejoliet.com or call 305.563.6679.

Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors

Just a reminder ~ it’s time once again to check your calendars for November 6, 2017 through February 11, 2018.

Please go onto the ministry database or call the parish office at 630.968.1366 or email HTMinistry@holytrinitywestont.org with your availability no later than Sunday, October 15th.

Please include preferences for

Thanksgiving Day (11/23/17 at 8:15am),

Immaculate Conception (12/7/2017 at 7:00pm) and (12/8 at 8:15am, 12:00pm Noon, 7:00pm,

Sambaing Gabi (12/19/2017 at 7:00pm),

Christmas Eve (12/24/2017 at 4:00pm, 6:00pm, 11:30pm),

Christmas Day (12/25/2017 at 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am, NO 7:00pm) and

New Years Day (1/1/2018 at 8:15am only).

40 Days For Life

40 DAYS FOR LIFE is a focused pro-life campaign that brings together the body of Christ for 40 days of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism. During these 40 days, we ask God to end abortion and transform our world from a culture of death to a culture of life.

From September 27th to November 5th, Christians around the world will unite in the largest pro-life effort the world has ever seen called 40 DAYS FOR LIFE.

Altar Flowers in Church

Are you celebrating an anniversary or special occasion? Would you like to memorialize a loved one? A donation of thirty-five dollars will provide the cost of a floral arrangement.

Please contact the parish office at htparish@comcast.net or call 630.968.1366 at least 2-3 weeks prior to your special event so an acknowledgement can be placed in the bulletin. There is a limit of two tributes accepted for each weekend.

Adult Faith Formation (AFF) Events


Adult Faith Formation
Come and join us as we learn about the
Pivotal Players. This series by Bishop
Robert Barron that present six important
saints, artists, scholars who not only
shaped the life of the Church but
changed the course of Western Civilization.
When: Tuesdays or Thursdays
Time: 7-9 PM 9-11 AM
Place: Holy Family Hall
Cost: $20
Series start on September 12 and finish on December 19

Contact Evelyn Serritella
 or 630.968.5978
to register or if you have any questions.


Exercise & The Divine Mercy Chaplet
this Thursday evening Holy Family Hall 7pm

Parish Events

Knights of Columbus BINGO Every Sunday

Join our Knights of Columbus Council as we sponsor BINGO every SUNDAY 

Elks Lodge 1531 

711 W St. Charles Rd 

Elmhurst, IL 60126 630.834.2020

West of Rte 83, at the corner of
St. Charles Rd & Villa Ave

Doors open at 11am—Bingo begins at Noon
Lots of FUN!!! Come with your friends!!!

Bring this bulletin and get $5 off a $25 game pack.

This coupon is good only on Sundays during the months of June & July 2017

October 17 - Seniors Meeting

All seniors are welcome to attend!

Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 17th at 2pm in Holy Family Hall.

Sts. Jeanne Jugan and Teresa Jesus Jornet e Ibars, pray for all our Seniors!

October 28 - A Catholic Frame of Reference on Immigration

Holy Families Seeking Refuge: A Catholic Frame of Reference on Immigration

Saturday, October 28th, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Saint Joseph Church, Fitzgerald Hall

Join members of the Joliet Diocese Office of Human Dignity and our Parish Faith Formation Board as we explore this challenging pastoral and social issue through the lenses of scripture, the Church’s social teaching, the specific challenges faced by the immigrant community, and the resources available to them. How are we called as Catholic Christians to respond to these holy families who experience in our time the same perils experienced by the Holy Family?

November 4 - Autumn Leaves Fall Cleanup Offered

Holy Trinity's Youth Ministry is organizing a yard clean-up day for people in our community on Saturday, November 4. If you or someone you know (neighbor, relative, etc.) finds the physical challenge of raking leaves and yard work to be difficult to manage, put our energetic young people to work! Call Jen Bartley at 630.968.1366, ext. 107 to sign up.

November 4-5 - CCW Scholarship Bake Sale


November 26 - Ladies Advent Tea Sunday

For our 9th annual
Ladies Advent Tea Sunday,
November 26, 2017 2pm - 5pm.
If you would like to host a table
please contact Lynn Gustafson at
630 725-8836.

Parish Ministries

Week of October 15

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults - A Journey in Faith

The process begins:
Regular Meetings on Thursday Evenings, 7-9 PM
with one Sunday per month, 11 AM - 1:30 PM September 14, 2017 — April 15, 2018

I. Welcome & Pre-Catechumenate
+ A time for getting acquainted
+ A time for awakening to where you are in faith
+ A time for recognizing the Lord in your life

TOPICS INCLUDE: Faith, Revelation, Scripture, Tradition, God, Trinity, Creation, Devil, Mary, Saints, Church, Holy Spirit, Sacraments

II. Catechumenate
+ A time for learning more about Catholicism
+ A time for praying about your journey in faith Rite of Acceptance—Sunday, November 19, 2017

III. Lent
+ A time for repentance and healing
+ A time for purifying and preparing for Easter Rite of Election—February 18, 2018

IV. Easter Vigil
+ The time of commitment—the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation Saturday Evening—March 31, 2018

The RCIA Team at Holy Trinity Catholic Church stands ready to welcome you and accompany you on your continuing life’s journey!
Questions? Contact the Religious Education office at 630.968.5978.

Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Your ways, O Lord, make known to me;
teach me your paths,
guide me in your truth and teach me,
for you are God, my savior. -- Psalm 25

Be in Jesus' Presence at the Sacred Heart
Chapel of Eucharistic Adoration
Be still and know that He is God.
Be open and let Him teach you His Truth and
His ways.

Wednesday 4 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. and 12:00 (noon)

 Become a registered adorer by contacting Joe or Maureen Garro at
630-958-3855 or mojo.garro@gmail.com


Youth Ministry

This Sunday, October 15th, from 5-6:45pm in Holy Family Hall, Mr. Popp will do his 1st installment of A-Popp-Logetics for the year on the SEVEN DEADLY SINS…you do not want to miss this! 

Next Sunday, October 22nd, we invite you to join us for a meeting that will speak to everyone…the topic…The Sturggle is Real: Bullying and Insecurity. Hope to see you there.

Young Adult Ministry

Hey Ladies, you are invited to join us on Wednesday, October 25th for Girls Night In from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Youth Room!

Prayer Nights are returning to Thursday evenings at 7pm in the Youth Room starting October 12th.


Text "HTYAM" to 84576 for more updates

E-mail Chris Simon for further information and any questions

Religious Education (FCFF)

The October Family Centered Faith Formation classes are held this week on Monday, October 16th and Wednesday, October 18th. Be sure to contact the RE office if you are unable to attend your registered session and need to switch.

Parents of children preparing to receive First Reconciliation: Families prepar ing their children for First Reconciliation should be working on Chapter 17, “Asking Forgiveness,” in the Jesus Our Life book and in the activity handbook. Continue to prepare your child for Mass each week using the “Little Book of Church Manners.” The schedule in the blue Reconciliation Activity Handbook will help you keep on track as you prepare your child to received First Reconciliation on December 4th.

Holy Trinity School and Religious Education 8th Graders and Parents: If you haven’t registered for Confirmation 2018 Spirit Day, please check your calendars and register your family for either Saturday, October 28th or Saturday, November 11th. We will meet at 8:30 am until 12:30 pm in Holy Family Hall. Registration is limited to 30 families each morning.

CCW (Council of Catholic Women)


New this year:
Bakery and snack items
look for caramel corn, chex mix, 

Themed baskets (Wine, Chocolate, Movie, Family, 
& more!)

Can you bake for us? Please contact Jeanne Pantke at
jpantke@sbcglobal.net, or (630) 853-2245.
Thank you!

Haiti Corner - Notre Dame du Lourdes

Our Parish Twinning Program was strengthened by two trips to our sister parish, Notre Dame de Lourdes in LaVoute, Haiti.

In May Aileen Reed and Michelle Herlihy visited and delivered 30 water filters.

In June Pat Blaney, Terry Bohan, and Tom Doran delivered 28 more, bringing the total delivered over the past three years to 128 filters. Families tend to share the filters, multiplying their benefits.

The primary goal of the program is to support the pastoral needs of the church, which we do with a monthly stipend. We have also helped the community, not only by supplying life giving water filters, but by the rebuilding of the walls of the church that were damaged by the earthquake in 2010. 

The finishing of the church construction remains the primary wish of the community, church and bishop. Notre Dame church was never finished due to lack of funds, and when the earthquake hit, it destroyed part of what had been built. Fr. Isaac, their pastor, will visit us over Labor Day weekend to personally give us an update and thank us for what we have accomplished together.

The whole community of LaVoute would like to make sure you are personally thanked for your donations. They credit the Holy Spirit for bringing us to them. They promise to pray for us and our capital project, as we pray for them. Lisa Gaier joined us as the June trip ended with a 5 day dental clinic in Boudin, Haiti. Our program helped pay for the transport of people from LaVoute for their dental treatments. 

We continue to update the picture boards in the narthex and invite everyone to check out the Haiti link on our parish website. There is much more information on the website about our trip and the Parish Twinning Program.

Parish Calendar

Parish Services and Assistance

Estate Planning

Please remember Holy Trinity Parish in your will and estate planning. Please call the Parish Office at 630.968.1366 for more information.

Thank you!

St. Vincent de Paul Society Confidential Help Line


We are here to help registered parishioners and residents of Westmont.

Call our confidential help line.
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Holy Trinity Parish
630.968.1366, x404

Helping those in need in our community.


DERC - Diocesan Employment Resource Center

Interested in Justice and Peace? The Joliet Diocese has a very active ministry that connects the business community to job seekers within it. We help job seekers in a variety of ways and have a free job board for local businesses.

Check us out at www.dioceseofjoliet.org/derc.

DERC has a business development team, a marketing team, and a team that manages HR resources for job seekers. Beef up your resume with experience, get involved in some great volunteer work, and make great connections for your Church and yourself. No need to travel either! No matter where you are in the Diocese we can use your help. 

Contact Christine M. Kieta if you are interested at Christine.kieta@gmail.com or 630-655-1201.

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