Week of August 20, 2017

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Gospel Reading
Matthew 15:21-28
Jesus heals the daughter of the Canaanite woman
because of her great faith.

Parish News

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time

"O woman, great is your faith! Let it be done for you as you wish." This woman was an outsider. She was a Canaanite, not an Israelite, and as such she would have been considered ritually unclean. But she approached Jesus nonetheless and asked for his help. And Jesus used this opportunity to teach his disciples an important lesson.

In the verses directly before today's passage, Jesus had told Peter that what defiles a person comes from the heart, not from ignoring external purity practices. Then, Jesus traveled with his disciples from Galilee to the region of Tyre and Sidon where they were much more likely to encounter someone considered to be unclean.

At first it appeared that Jesus wasn't going to acknowledge the woman who begged for help. His comment, "It is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs," was a common comparison between Jews (the children) and Canaanites (the dogs). But, in fact, Jesus said this only to go right ahead and break this social code! He showed by his actions that it did not matter whether someone was Jewish or not, what mattered was the faith in a person's heart. And this woman proved to Jesus and the doubting disciples that she had great faith. How many others would have even approached Jesus to ask for his help?

How many others would have persevered when he appeared unresponsive? By pausing in his response, and first mentioning the standard
reply, Jesus gave this woman the opportunity to demonstrate her great faith.

And then, he answered her request and praised her extraordinary faith. What a lesson for his prejudiced disciples! And what a lesson for us, both to persevere in faith, and never to judge others on mere appearances.

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Q&A: Must I receive both the body and the blood of Christ?

Q: Must I receive both the body and the blood of Christ to receive him fully?

A: In recent year s ther e has been a renewed interest and practice of receiving the Eucharist under both forms or species, bread and wine. But this is not necessary to receive the Eucharistic presence of Christ. The Council of Trent taught that the presence of Christ in the Eucharist begins with the words of consecration and endures as long as the species of bread and wine subsist. Furthermore, Christ is present whole and entire in both species and in all parts of the species. So if the bread is broken the presence of Christ is not divided (CCC 1377). If one receives a larger portion of bread, they do not receive more Christ!

In the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, paragraph 281 states, "Holy Communion has a fuller form as a sign when it is distributed under both kinds." Paragraph 282 goes on to remind us that we are not deprived of any grace necessary for salvation when we receive Communion under one form. People who are allergic to wheat may receive just the cup and they gain the same grace and presence as one who receives just the bread. Christ is present fully and completely, whatever the sacramental form we choose.

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Facility Maintenance Team



Our Facility Maintenance team led by Ed Arenz, including Set Hosier and summer interns, Nick Lentz and Jake Bartley have been working extremely hard to get the school and parish campus ready for the upcoming school year. The classrooms and halls are so clean and shiny that our students and teachers should bring sunglasses on the first day of school. A wonderful complement to the Facility staff. We wish Nick and Jake the best as they go back to school!

God Bless them and our maintenance staff!!

Holy Trinity goes GREEN!


As of last weekend, we have (2) bins: Garbage & Recycling.

Pope Francis's encyclical on ecology, "Laudato Si',"continues the Church's history of encouraging us to better understand our role among the many creatures of God's Creation. Saint Pope John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and the U.S. bishops have all called us to prudence in stewarding the resources we've been given.

Here are 5 tips to reduce your footprint and protect Creation:

1. Be energy efficient. During the summer months, close your curtains to block heat from the sun. This can significantly reduce the need for air conditioning and save energy.

2. Adjust the thermostat. Turning down your air conditioning when you leave the house will further shrink your carbon footprint. A change of just 5 degrees is a good start.

3. Adjust your driving routine. By combining multiple errands into one trip, you reduce the amount of fossil fuel you use.

4. Go meatless on Fridays. Livestock production accounts for 4% of Americans' greenhouse gas, according to the EPA. By going meatless one day per week, you'll both honor Catholic teaching and better care for Creation.

5. Form a study group at church. We are all strengthened when we act together as a community. Visit CatholicClimateCovenant.org for options.

Coming Soon: FORMED


The Catholic Faith on Demand by Augustine Institute Holy Trinity Catholic Church has purchased a Gift for You!

Enjoy a free subscription to formed.org An incredible online gateway to the best Catholic content, all in one place.

FORMED provides amazing content 24/7 for you to grow in your faith.

RCIA: Are You Looking for Some Good News?

Are You Looking For Some Good News?  Looking for light in the midst of your darkness? Seeking healing and hope to pull you out of your wounds and despair? Longing to be drawn out of your selfishness into love? Desiring to believe and belong with others in a community of faith, hope, and love?

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a faith formation process designed primarily for adults who are intentionally seeking God in their lives. The process is for adults who…. 

  • have never been baptized
  • were baptized in another Christian church and now wish to come into full communion with the Catholic Church
  • were baptized in the Catholic Church but were not raised in the faith and are seeking to receive the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation

Want to know more? Please contact Joanne Gregoire in the Religious Education office at  or call 630.968.5978 and begin a conversation about seeking to understand and deepen your faith and spirituality!

Better yet, come learn more about what RCIA can offer you at one of our Inquiry Sessions offered in the School Library on:
Wednesday, September 6th from 7-8 p.m.
Thursday, September 7th from 7-8 p.m.
Sunday, September 10th from 11 a.m.-Noon

And...if you know of anyone in your life who might be in need of the Good News of the love of God in Christ Jesus Our Lord, passed on by the Church, please invite them to come. The RCIA Team at Holy Trinity Catholic Parish stands ready to welcome them and accompany them on their continuing life’s journey!

In Memory of Me

Throughout our diocese, many have jewelry just sitting in a drawer, perhaps passed on from a family member. Some have unmatched earrings never again to be worn. An engagement band from an engagement called off. A wedding band remains after a divorce that only brings sadness. All of this can be transformed into a beautiful source of hope for our parishes, and a way to offset financial obstacles for those responding to the call to religious life.

Introducing In Memory of Me, the totally cashless precious metals donation drive! Let your old jewelry support religious vocations throughout the Diocese of Joliet. Every third weekend of the month a representative will be in the narthex after Mass passing out mailing kits. Each kit includes a box, a form and a mailing label. Please consider picking up a mailing kit, and taking your donation to your Post Office for shipping. We also ask that your weight-based postage be part of your donation. All funds collected go directly to the Diocese of Joliet Vocations Office, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

So, please stop by the narthex today immediately after Mass for a donation kit — and for more information visit inmemoryofmejoliet.com or call 305.563.6679.

Free Personal Change Class Offered By Catholic Charities

Are you looking for personal change in your life? Do you want to understand your gifts and how to move forward in your life towards feeling more competent, peaceful and productive?

Catholic Charities is offering a program of personal change called Out of Poverty. This program is not just about the lack of money; it’s also about poverty of the spirit. Discussion within a group setting encourages honesty and focuses on who you are and want you want out of life. It helps untangle the healthy behavior and feelings that may have held you back. We then work to help you set realistic goals and move toward the life you would like to have.

Classes are free and meet weekly on Tuesday mornings for 8 weeks from 9:30-11:30 am starting September 19th at 3130 Finley Rd., suite 520 in Downers Grove. For more information or to register, call Joy Newburn at 630-519-6547 or email jewburn@cc-doj.org.

To learn more about Catholic Charities, visit catholiccharitiesjoliet.org.

Altar Flowers in Church

Are you celebrating an anniversary or special occasion? Would you like to memorialize a loved one? A donation of thirty-five dollars will provide the cost of a floral arrangement.

Please contact the parish office at htparish@comcast.net or call 630.968.1366 at least 2-3 weeks prior to your special event so an acknowledgement can be placed in the bulletin. There is a limit of two tributes accepted for each weekend.

AFF Events

Exercise & Pray Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary
Holy Family Hall—Thursday evenings—7pm
(Moved to Thursday for the summer)


Contact Donna Milord with any questions.

Parish Events

Knights of Columbus BINGO Every Sunday

Join our Knights of Columbus Council as we sponsor BINGO every SUNDAY 

Elks Lodge 1531 

711 W St. Charles Rd 

Elmhurst, IL 60126 630.834.2020

West of Rte 83, at the corner of
St. Charles Rd & Villa Ave

Doors open at 11am—Bingo begins at Noon
Lots of FUN!!! Come with your friends!!!

Bring this bulletin and get $5 off a $25 game pack.

This coupon is good only on Sundays during the months of June & July 2017

August 19 - See, Test and Treat Free Cancer Screenings

FREE cervical and breast cancer screenings for women ages 30 – 64 who are uninsured.

WHAT: FREE cancer screenings* and community health education

WHEN: Saturday, August 19, 2017, by appointment

WHERE: Loyola Outpatient Center
2160 S. First Ave., Maywood, IL
(Located at the south end of the Loyola University Medical Center campus)

This Loyola University Health System event is supported by a grant from the College of American Pathologists Foundation and CAP. This event is FREE to women who qualify, but registration is required and the number of appointments is limited.

Call 888-584-7888 to verify your eligibility and make an appointment. Mention See, Test & Treat or STT.

August 27 - 25th and 50th Wedding Anniversary Mass

The Diocese of Joliet will hold its Thirty-Ninth Annual Wedding Anniversary Mass on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 2:00pm at the Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet.

If you are celebrating either your 25th or 50th anniversary this year, please contact the Parish Office at 630.968.1366 by Monday, June 19th so that we may submit your name to the Diocese for a formal invitation. Those celebrating over 50 year anniversaries do not receive a formal invitation, but will be able to register to attend at a later date.

8/31 & 9/1 Last Chance to be Included in Our Parish Directory

Lifetouch has agreed to come back for two make up dates—Thursday, 8/31 and Friday 9/1 3—9 p.m. on each day.

If you did not get your photo taken in July, you still have an opportunity to be included in the directory. This album will help us all put a name to a familiar face. Do you realize it has been over 4 years since our last album? You can sign up online or call the Parish Office at 630-968-1366. Each participating family receives a complimentary 8x10 and album.

September 11 - Council of Catholic Women

Our next general meeting is on September 11 at 7:00pm, at People’s Resource Center in Westmont - mark your calendar and join us for a presentation on Self Defense! We will be visiting Holy Hill in October.

To receive our summer newsletter and join our mailing list, please email Jan Bartel, 630.244.0583 or Jeanne Pantke630.853.2245

All women of the parish, age 18 and over, belong to CCW and are invited to come together for prayer, companionship and fun at monthly meetings from September through May. Events and activities bring women together for charity work, personal and spiritual growth and friendship. All women are encouraged to attend and actively participate.

September 29 - A Women's Silent Retreat

Healing in Mind, Body & Spirit: God's Loving Desire for Us A Women's Silent Retreat

The Gospels are filled with stories of people flocking to Jesus for healing. This retreat invites you to reflect on the healing that God has already done in your life and to become open to those wounded places that are still in need of Jesus' healing touch. The beautiful retreat setting and prayerful format includes presentations, music, and quiet reflection, providing an environment in which to "touch the hem of Jesus' garment." 

Presented by: Christine Grano Date: September 29- October 1, 2017

Times: 5pm Friday- Noon Sunday

Location: Cardinal Stritch Retreat House, Mundelin, IL

Cost: $295/ person.

For more information or to register, please visit our website mayslakeministries.org or call our offices at 630-852-9000.

Parish Ministries

Eucharistic Adoration Chapel - Week of August 20

In your mercy, Lord, you called me;
taught my sinful heart and mind else
this world had still
enthralled me, and to glory kept me
blind. Lord, I did not freely choose
you till by grace you set me free; for
my heart would still refuse you had
your love not chosen me. Now my
heart sets none above you, for your
grace alone I thirst, knowing well,
that if I love you, You, O Lord, have
loved me first.

Respond to His call and His love
by dedicating one hour per week in
silent conversation and prayer at
the Sacred Heart Chapel of Eucharistic

NEEDED: A registered adorer for Saturday at 8pm.

 Become a registered adorer by contacting Joe or Maureen Garro at
630-958-3855 or mojo.garro@gmail.com


Youth Ministry - Week of August 20

Open Hours have ended for this Summer! Thanks to everyone who came to hang out with us!

Save the dates: Our Welcome Back meeting will be held on September 10th, from 5-6:45pm, in Holy Family Hall. 

Our annual Kick Off Picnic will be held on September 17th from 1-4pm at Veteran's park, across from Holy Trinity. 

Look for more details in September.


Any questions? Contact Jen Bartley at
630.968.1366, ext. 107 or email at



Young Adult Ministry - Week of August 20

 "Rosary Bonfires will continue on Tuesdays in August in the gravel lot at Holy Trinity. We will pray the rosary together and then follow-up with s'mores and yard games! Join us at 6:30 and we'll start praying around 7.

Text "HTYAM" to 84576 for more updates

E-mail Chris Simon for further information and any questions

Religious Education - Week of August 20

Family Centered Faith Formation begins with a Parent Orientation meeting on Monday, August 28th at 7 PM in Holy Family Hall. Letters have been sent out to all registered families along with the 2017-18 FCFF calendar, confirming your session choice. If your family has not registered for the 2017-18 program year, please be sure to do so as soon as possible. Registration forms are available in the RE office and on the parish website.

If you have a child starting 1st grade or your family is new to Holy Trinity Parish, we welcome you and invite you to call the Religious Education office at 630.968.5978 to find out about our Family Centered Faith Formation, where parents and children attend class one time a month and then work together at home on weekly homework assignments. Please keep in mind that the Diocese requires two years of religious instruction before receiving any sacrament.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to teach or help in any way with the 2017-18 FCFF classes! We are in need of hall monitors and babysitters. The commitment is for one evening a month in addition to the night your own family attends. If you are able to help, please call the RE office. God bless you!

Confirmation 2018 Students: Confirmation Information forms are due in the RE office on August 28th. Your Confirmation name and your Sponsor’s name and address are required on this form. Continue to pray and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit as you choose a Saint’s name and a Confirmation Sponsor.

Haiti Corner - Notre Dame du Lourdes

Our Parish Twinning Program was strengthened by two trips to our sister parish, Notre Dame de Lourdes in LaVoute, Haiti.

In May Aileen Reed and Michelle Herlihy visited and delivered 30 water filters.

In June Pat Blaney, Terry Bohan, and Tom Doran delivered 28 more, bringing the total delivered over the past three years to 128 filters. Families tend to share the filters, multiplying their benefits.

The primary goal of the program is to support the pastoral needs of the church, which we do with a monthly stipend. We have also helped the community, not only by supplying life giving water filters, but by the rebuilding of the walls of the church that were damaged by the earthquake in 2010. 

The finishing of the church construction remains the primary wish of the community, church and bishop. Notre Dame church was never finished due to lack of funds, and when the earthquake hit, it destroyed part of what had been built. Fr. Isaac, their pastor, will visit us over Labor Day weekend to personally give us an update and thank us for what we have accomplished together.

The whole community of LaVoute would like to make sure you are personally thanked for your donations. They credit the Holy Spirit for bringing us to them. They promise to pray for us and our capital project, as we pray for them. Lisa Gaier joined us as the June trip ended with a 5 day dental clinic in Boudin, Haiti. Our program helped pay for the transport of people from LaVoute for their dental treatments. 

We continue to update the picture boards in the narthex and invite everyone to check out the Haiti link on our parish website. There is much more information on the website about our trip and the Parish Twinning Program.

Parish Calendar

Parish Services and Assistance

Estate Planning

Please remember Holy Trinity Parish in your will and estate planning. Please call the Parish Office at 630.968.1366 for more information.

Thank you!

St. Vincent de Paul Society Confidential Help Line


We are here to help registered parishioners and residents of Westmont.

Call our confidential help line.
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Holy Trinity Parish
630.968.1366, x404

Helping those in need in our community.


DERC - Diocesan Employment Resource Center

Interested in Justice and Peace? The Joliet Diocese has a very active ministry that connects the business community to job seekers within it. We help job seekers in a variety of ways and have a free job board for local businesses.

Check us out at www.dioceseofjoliet.org/derc.

DERC has a business development team, a marketing team, and a team that manages HR resources for job seekers. Beef up your resume with experience, get involved in some great volunteer work, and make great connections for your Church and yourself. No need to travel either! No matter where you are in the Diocese we can use your help. 

Contact Christine M. Kieta if you are interested at Christine.kieta@gmail.com or 630-655-1201.

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